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Gain Leadership Skills in an Online RN to BSN Program

Patients admitted to a healthcare facility are often scared and confused about undergoing treatment for their medical condition, and it is a nurse's job to ease their pain, both mental and physical. Nurse managers keep nursing staff focused on their duties so patients remain a priority, which may relieve their anxiety and aid in their recovery. An online RN to BSN program prepares nurses with the proficiencies they need for taking on a leadership role.

What Does Leadership in Nursing Mean?

Leadership in nursing inspires action, solves problems and encourages nurses and other healthcare workers to successfully complete their tasks and goals. 

What Is a Nurse Manager?

Nurse managers are in charge of nursing staff. Nurse managers lead, guide and support nurses in their unit.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Nurse Manager?

Nurse managers supervise nurses in a healthcare organization. In addition, they work as a liaison between interdisciplinary teams and nurses. Typically, nurse managers may also do the following:

  • Assist patients and their families
  • Carry out disciplinary action
  • Collaborate with physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Coordinate meetings
  • Engage in recruitment and hiring
  • Handle medical health records
  • Manage budgets related to the nursing staff
  • Uphold the mission of the healthcare facility

Why Is Leadership Important?

Effective leadership keeps nursing units running efficiently, which benefits patients and healthcare organizations. Effective leadership can improve the quality of care, boost patient satisfaction, and reduce waste and costs for employers.

Nurse managers lead by example to help nursing staff understand the importance of accountability and management strategies. Strong leadership is characterized in these ways:

  • Delegates tasks to ensure completion
  • Communicates clear instructions
  • Nurtures teamwork
  • Monitors progress of nurses
  • Confirms interventions are producing results

What Are Examples of Urgent and Non-Urgent Activities?

It is imperative that nurse managers possess leadership skills to help other nurses with time management. Nurses can prioritize their tasks into two groups: Urgent and non-urgent tasks.

Urgent Tasks Non-Urgent Tasks
Regularly looking in on a patient who has a contusion from a fall. Checking for pain level and stable vitals. Making sure patient is mobile before discharge. Building a relationship with a patient.
Drawing a patient's troponin to determine if a heart attack occurred or an injury to the heart muscle is present. Taking preventive measures before something happens.
Scheduling an X-ray for a patient with abdominal pain. Educating patient about their medical condition.
Giving a patient oxygen that has an O2 saturation of 86% while waiting for packed red blood cells (PRBCs) needed for a blood transfusion. Promoting health and wellness.

What Leadership Skills Do Nurses Need in a Management Role?

It is imperative that nurse managers possess leadership skills that inspire nurses. They need to be able to attentively and respectfully interact with their nursing staff. Furthermore, nurse managers need to communicate with nurses in a clear and concise manner so there is no misinterpretation of what needs to be done and how they should proceed. Mentoring nurses with less experience is also key. Nurse managers should exhibit these leadership skills:

  • Analytical
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision-making

How Do Nurse Managers Acquire Leadership Skills?

Setting the foundation for a nurse manager's leadership skill begins in a bachelor's program. Nurses also hone their skills in the workplace. Online RN to BSN programs expose students to the competencies they need to analyze a problem and determine the best solution, foster solid working relationships, and become a productive leader.

Nurse managers have the ability to influence better patient outcomes through exceptional leadership. They can help nurses prioritize their tasks and counsel them on methods to enhance patient care. The best nurse managers are adaptable and optimistic about changes, and they convey this viewpoint to their nursing staff.

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